Debt stress has
met its match.

What LoanFolk Offers

Interest rate comparison
made easy

LoanFolk matches you with trusted lenders who can get you a lower interest rate on your loans. It’s no risk, no cost — and just a couple minutes could save you thousands.

A different perspective
on life with debt

We’re bringing real stories from our community to life as editorial cartoons. It’s about getting people to see, think and talk about a tough topic in a whole new way.

Resources, tools
& support

Straightforward FAQs, lender reviews and calculators to give you the information you need to tackle debt.
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  • Three minutes.
  • Ten questions.
  • Maximum savings.
  • Saving big on student loan interest payments starts with getting connected to the right refinancing lender.

    Begin by filling out one super-straightforward form, and we'll serve you personalized recommendations on the spot.

    (And don't worry, your information will always remain private and secure: no one will contact you unless you reach out first.)

    Vetted Lending Partners

    We get it. Not all lenders are created equal, and it can be hard to know who to trust.

    That’s why LoanFolk has done a ton of homework on your behalf. We’ve carefully researched and evaluated lenders to narrow down our partners to only those who consistently provide exemplary rates, transparency and support.

    So rest easy: we’ve got your back, and our lending partners do, too.

    Cartoons With Conviction

    I can relate

    Cartoons With Conviction

    It’s one thing to read about student debt. It’s something else entirely to understand what living with debt really feels like.

    That’s why we’re bringing your stories to life in a way the world hasn’t seen before.

    One story and one illustration at a time, we’re revealing a truth about life with debt, and creating a more open conversation about a taboo topic.

    Folks On A Mission

    We started LoanFolk with two goals:


    1. Make those of us with debt feel less alone

    Debt may be a fact of life for millions of us, but sometimes it really feels like we’re the only ones dealing with it. That’s why at LoanFolk we’re always looking for ways to remind you that we’re all in this together.


    2. Make you feel more empowered

    Helping people reach their debt goals faster and more easily is what we’re all about. That’s why we build tools, resources and partnerships designed to turbocharge your approach to debt management.

    In good company,

    The LoanFolk Crew