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About Loanfolk

Our Mission | Who We Are

Here's a not-so-secret secret: people with the highest credit scores and healthiest financial profiles aren't always debt-free; they often take credit and loans knowing how to make the debt work for them.

For most of us, managing finances, especially debt, is a stressful line to walk – but it can be done with the right knowledge and approach. In fact, that's Loanfolk's entire mission: to make expert loan and credit research accessible and actionable for everyone.

Since 2018, we've been doing just that. It started with an initial idea of converting real student loan stories into editorial cartoons to help make student loan debt feel less isolating to the millions of Americans who struggle with it, often in silence.

Since then, Loanfolk has grown to include a full range of resources, guides and reviews covering the world of borrowing and credit – from personal and business lenders, to cash advance apps, to credit building strategies.

Today, Loanfolk continues to expand its domain expertise and talented team of expert contributors to ensure that as the world of credit and lending evolves, we remain a leading resource that borrowers feel confident and empowered turning to.

Our Founding Story

Since his 20s, our founder, Zach Robbins, noticed how rare it was for friends and peers to discuss personal finance. He could relate, as his own financial paths and pitfalls—repaying student loans, starting businesses, managing cash flow, and shopping for a mortgage—had largely been navigated alone.

But even more crucially, Zach observed how rewarding it was when he and others broke the ice and traded stories and solutions about their financial strategies.

Zach has leveraged his decades of experience as an expert in financial services and technology to build Loanfolk into a destination that makes personal finance relatable and actionable. He believes we all deserve to understand how to make personal finance work for us, not the other way around.

Zach has been recognized on Inc. Magazine’s “Fastest Growing Company” and “Top Places to Work” lists, published in Forbes, Huffington Post, and Entrepreneur, and has recently been featured in CardRatings, ConsumerAffairs, GoBankingRates, and U.S. News & World Report.

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