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Lender Reviews & Comparisons

Lender Reviews

Unbiased reviews assessing reputation, loans offered, and pros & cons

Taking out a loan is a significant decision that can have a big impact on your finances. While loans can provide you with the additional cash necessary to consolidate or refinance debt, make home improvements, or cover unexpected expenses, they also come with the burden of new debt.

Not all lenders are created equal, and there are many factors to consider when choosing a partner, including approval odds, interest rates, reputation, total loan costs, and customer service. That's where Loanfolk reviews come in. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive perspective on each lender so that you can make an informed decision about which lender is right for your unique needs and goals.

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What You Can Expect From Each Review:

Is the Lender Legitimate?

Our “The Basics” section provides introductory details that reveal a lender’s headquarters, experience, who they serve, and other facts about the company. Loanfolk only recommends reputable lenders and provides more context about each one – helping you avoid fake loan companies and scams.

The Type of Loans Offered

Most of these lenders offer several financial products. Loanfolk reviews one type of loan at a time. That way, you know which financing option to ask for if you ask for a quote.

What’s Great

Quick bullet points detailing the advantages of getting a loan through the lender being reviewed. If the loan has fewer administrative costs, better options for people with low credit, and other perks, our research team will let you know.

What Could Be Better

Disadvantages of getting the particular loan covered in the review. Every loan has strengths and weaknesses. A high credit score requirement, less flexibility with terms, and an excessive interest rate can scare away borrowers. We don’t paint rosy pictures. Loanfolk provides both sides of the argument to deepen your perspective. Borrowers should consider if the pros outweigh the cons and compare offers before committing to any loan.

Who’s Eligible

Wondering if you have a high enough credit score, make enough money or meet pre-approval requirements? It can take a while to dig through each lender’s website to see if you can get a loan, but Loanfolk does this part for you with every review. This section provides quick bullet points detailing what you need to be eligible for the loan. This will save you a lot of time and help you filter lenders based on your eligibility.

Additional Products & Alternatives

While Loanfolk reviews focus on a single loan, our research team provides a list of other loan offerings from the lender. You may not like their student loan options, but their personal loans may have optimal interest rates and credit score requirements for your objectives. Knowing a lender’s offerings helps readers understand how these companies can help them beyond the initial student loan refinance.

The Bottom Line

Loanfolk reviews give you plenty of details to consider. This final section offers a synopsis of the review. After this summary, Loanfolk will provide instructions on checking pre-approval from the lender and learning about your financing options.

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