We’re folks on a mission.

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What we do

We provide the support system we wished we had when we started dealing with our own student debt.

If there’s two things we want you to walk away from LoanFolk with, it’s the knowledge that you are not alone in your debt, and that taking control is easier than you might think.

Our community’s debt stories, tools, resources and lender partnerships have all been assembled with that in mind: to take the sting out of being in debt, and turbocharge your approach to getting out of it for good.

Why we do it

Seventy percent of college graduates have student loan debt. That means that every day, you hang out with, work next to, commute beside, text, chat, and “like” other people in debt. So why does being in debt so often make us feel embarrassed and alone?

It shouldn’t, but it does for two main reasons:

  • We talk about it (or not) like it’s a dirty secret
  • The entire loan industry is pretty murky and unwelcoming

At LoanFolk, we’re on a mission to show everyone with a loan that they’re in good company, and that there are concrete steps everyone can take — right now, today — to feel more in control over your loans.

We’re here for anyone who has ever:

  • Set autopay so you don’t have to look at your loan account
  • Lied to a friend about how much debt you have
  • Felt ashamed by the state of your finances
  • Felt guilty over making a purchase that “could have gone to my loans”
  • Wondered, “How did I get here?” or; “How will I ever get out?”

If any of these sound like you, then right now is your moment to take control. Right now is your moment to say “enough” with the confusion presented to you by the loan industry. Right now is your moment to stop feeling embarrassed and alone, and instead feel empowered and supported. Welcome to LoanFolk!

Our Promise To You

LoanFolk was created by regular folks, for regular folks. We strive to always be a positive force in your financial life by:

  • Putting you first. We’re you’re advocate in this thing. What’s best for you will always come before our lender partners.
  • Being trustworthy. Speaking of those lender partners, we know we’re only as good as the partners we put in front of you. We promise to maintain your trust and our integrity by supplying you with only the most vetted, reputable lenders.
  • Choosing our words carefully. The lending industry can be confusing. We'll avoid language that is cloudy or misleading so you know exactly what to expect, all the time.
  • Supporting you. Being in debt can make you feel very alone. We say, “never again.” We’re here to be responsive, helpful, and kind in every interaction.

Do you have questions or feedback for us? We’re listening.