6 Money Smart Apps For Financial Wellness

We’re all guilty of spending too much time on our phones. Why not make that time productive? These apps help you save, and in some cases even make, a little bit of extra money.

1. Acorns

If you’re not great about setting money aside for saving, Acorn makes it easy. Every time you spend, Acorn rounds the amount to the next dollar and invests the collective savings in a personalized stock portfolio. Bonus: it’s 100% free for college students for up to four years after graduation.

2. Mint

Mint is the personal assistant you and your bank account need. It tracks your transactions, helps you build budgets and set goals, sends bill pay reminders, and more. Mint is constantly enhancing the app with new features, and is the most popular money manager app out there.

3. ReceiptPal

If you’re willing to give a little, you can get some great things from ReceiptPal. The app is designed to collect information on spending habits for market research by asking users to snap photos of their receipts. The benefit to users is twofold: first, it forces you to catalogue and recognize your spending habits and second, uploading receipts earns you cash from the app.

4. Digit

Digit is another great app for the savings-reluctant. It syncs with your checking account to identify spare funds and moves them to a savings account with just a text of approval. Digit also guarantees it will never overdraft your account.

5. Level Money

Level Money is almost like having someone hand you allowance. Use this app to budget for your monthly bills and savings, and it will tell you how much spendable cash you have leftover and track it as you spend.

6. Wally

If social motivation is what gets you going, check out Wally. It’s a money manager app like Mint, but with a social twist—tag friends, save favorite places to eat and shop, or upload photos to remember where your money has gone.
With these apps, you can turn those aimless moments spent on your phone into concrete steps towards your financial future.